Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Humberto Guzmán Pérez treated my family and I like people, not clients. He was always there for us during the entire experience, and he still is. He made sure that I could live a normal and healthy life. He is sincerely passionate about medicine and compassionate with people, which shows in his volunteer work."

Vanita Flanagan

"It was a beautiful experience and I am thankful with this doctor. He is always in our prayers and we send him blessings wherever he is. He dedicates himself to his patients exceptionally."

María del Amor Rodríguez,
15 years old

"I feel very grateful that he was my daughter’s surgeon. He is a marvelous doctor."

María Santos,
Mom of María del Amor

"The treatment is still ongoing. In a matter of 2 months, I was in surgery, because the condition required us to act quickly. I don’t have any complaints, on the contrary, I am extremely thankful."

Natalia Delgado,
15 years old

"As a human being, he is marvelous; as a person, he is a gentleman; and professionally, he is honest. God works through his hands."

Ana Betancourt,
Mom of Natalia Delgado

Dr. Humberto Guzmán with one of his patients